SRAM Force road bike completed

Never really found the pattern all that fascinating so I was surprised when Elmo told me the pattern was 'in' since last year. Looks like it has some staying power because everywhere I look, it's as if the pattern just came into vogue recently or maybe it's just because I'm paying more attention to it.

Skewed parallelograms viewed on an angle. What really got me into it was the 12k weave on the new bike frame. The very bike frame that made me run around like mad trying to find the not so ubiquitous 30mm seat post collars. Also dropped $100 for a $50 front dérailleur so I could have it expedited to me. The exact same front dérailleur on my old with a different clamp size. What a waste of money, I didn't get the other two parts I needed so I couldn't get the bike completed anyway. Well that's a story for another time. The cheaper 12k weave is much more noticeable than the 3k weave which looks like regular carbon fiber, the stuff that you see in golf clubs, car interiors and the like. The top sheet of any carbon fiber piece is really a cosmetic layer that lends nothing to the structural integrity of the piece (I'm just trying to make myself feel better since I didn't drop the extra money for the 3k weave).

The bike was in the shop for a month, finally picked it up last week. Need some cold weather tights before I complete the century I promised for the MS Bike Tour. Tried riding it yesterday and without my gloves, had to turn around pretty quick because I had issues holding onto the handlebars with the cold biting through. The build ended up costing quite a bit more than I estimated. Still cheaper than getting a brand name stock bike with the same components but not as much as I was hoping for. Looking back, I would've done things differently... should have just bought a quality expensive bike right off the bat.

I paid $125 on eBay for the saddle, now it looks cheap compared to this bottle cage. I can't imagine paying $125 for something that really doesn't affect your riding... read the review, it's hilarious. Love Bike Snob's writing.

While we are on the subject of bikes, check out the sweet furniture created by Andrew Gregg using bike parts. Was made aware of it through this WSJ article, additional information at Inhabitat or just go to Gregg's site, Bike Furniture.