NFL logo gets an update and how about them Cowboys?
An updated shield is in store for those who will be watching the 2008 NFL Draft. The new logo employs less fussy straight-serifed font, less stars (now each star represents a division, there was no reason for the original 25 stars), a streamlined badge and the football is modeled after the one on top of the Lombardi trophy. While the current logo isn't too old, a refresh has been overdue. Like people have stated, less is more and it is true in this case (anyone read the Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda yet?). The logo is still flat and easy to produce across all media unlike the other 'shield' update (the UPS logo) which I also like, excellent! Now I wonder, what does it take to be the NFL's Senior Vice President of Marketing? Lisa, since you are leaving your position at year end, may I take over?

Last Night: If a non-football fan was watching the Cowboys vs. Bills game last night, they would have been instant converts. Heck I bet my Grandmother would've gone ape shit over the game, feigning field goals in her apartment or high stepping it into the kitchen and back.

Though I don't particularly care for either team, Romo has been good to me in terms of fantasy points and I also started Folk this past week. Collectively I needed 10 points from them to keep my perfect record alive. Easy, Romo tore through the previous games and if Folk was average at best I would still only need a quarter of Romo's regular production to take the match-up. Of course the trap game theory came true and I was left to agonize for the entire game not knowing whether or not Romo would pull down all the points Folk was stacking up (I'm too cheap to pay for Stat Tracker and lazy to do the math).

Anyway back to the game, how about it? Pasquarelli has a great recount up on ESPN if you for some reason had something better to do on a Monday night (like watching the Yankees lose, sorry bro; or going to bed early so you can wake up for your daily run before work, T. Kong you missed out).

The final minutes saw a flurry of activity which stuttered when Owens couldn't hold onto the 2-point conversion. At that point, with 20 seconds left I thought it was over, turned off the TV and sulked as I stumbled into my bedroom. Plopping into my chair, Rommel was kind enough to IM me telling me the Cowboys recovered the onside kick at which point I sprinted back out to the living room (note to self, get that damn monitor out of the hallway; and a pat on the back for having that IR automatic hall light installed). So on a night where Romo followed his hero Favre into the dog house (hell his performance would've made Grossman look good), Nick Folk bailed him out with his steely nerves. Seriously that guy is ICE COLD. His first 53 yard game winning field goal was negated by a time-out call by the Bills and what did he do? He got up there and did it again. To the Bills, it was a valiant effort and I feel sorry for your team and your fans.

This Sunday is going to be interesting. Patriots at Dallas. Romo, Folk, and Moss. I need the game to be an offensive showcase! Wish it was the night game, hopefully I'll finish the MS Bike Tour and get home before the game starts.

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