Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
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Not knocking on Alba or the other actors in the movie, but it's pretty sad when a CGI character can out perform the human actors. For action sequences that's nothing new, but take a look at the anguish the Silver Surfer is portraying above. Doesn't that just look gut wrenching? Okay maybe not for those of you who don't know about his sacrifice... so sit still for a second.

The Silver Surfer, know as Norrin Radd lived on an Earth-like world. When Galactus swung on by to dine on his planet he begged Galactus to spare his planet, Zenn-La and especially his love, Shalla-Bal. In return, Galactus imbued him with some of the power cosmic and he became Galactus' hearld seeking out worlds for his master to consume. You want sacrifice? That's a big sacrifice, exiled from your loved ones. You can read more about this complex character over at his Wiki. I'm a nerd and even I learned quite a bit from the Wiki-entry. In my defense I never really got into the whole cosmic stories. I preferred my superheroes Earthbound.

Back to the movie, it took me about three days to finish it because I couldn't really stand the movie until Silver Surfer showed up in full force. From then on it was full speed ahead. Most comic movies fail from the start because they are hopeless. How can a director and his/her special effects minions hope to transition what you see on the comic book page and your mind onto the silver screen? What an artist can do on paper is almost limitless, with no need for a special effects budget. What a reader can picture in his/her mind is even more far-reaching (and cheaper, no salary or royalty to the creative team, paper, printing, distribution costs, you get the idea). But the director and special effects crew did an amazing job here. Not only did they successfully transition the character onto the screen, they added to his persona. Some of the moves he pulled off in the movie had me smacking my forehead and thinking, wow, I can't believe the artists never did that. He was also interesting during the slow parts of the movie too... beautifully done.

To be honest, the Fantastic Four were a drag on him. They should spin him off and just let him fly... or surf. I'd pay money to see a solo movie on the Surfer.

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