colour like.no.other: Sony scores a point thanks to Fallon

I don't know if it's the fond memories I have for Gumby or some other unnatural attraction that compels me to write warmly about anything related to clay (or LEGO for that matter). The regulars also know I'm not very kind to Sony after their blunders with the PSP and the PS3. Their Bravia LCD TV line on the other hand seems to benefit from a marketing director and agency, Fallon, that gets it.

So how does clay and Sony relate to each other? Back in August while I was away, Fallon filmed a third commercial for the Bravia line in NYC (right by Chinatown in City Hall). Like the previous two commercials, it focused on colors (or colours if you are a Brit). This time the color vehicle were play-doh bunnies rather than bouncy balls or paint-based fireworks. The animators did an incredible job breathing life into the play-doh bunnies. The part where the whale comes into play and morphs into the huge rabbit is pretty slick. Love the expression from the kid in the stroller. Check out the making of video / teaser here. The footage showing the truck transporting that huge rabbit through Manhattan got me all giddy.

You can view the full commercial at Sony's EU site. Be prepared to jump through hoops since it's an all Flash site. Not very helpful for those who just want to get straight to the content. Anyway while you wait for the Flash GUI to load up, color / colour facts flash across the screen, did you know there are pink dolphins in the world? They live in the Amazon River. While searching for a Bravia play-doh image to put up, I came across this Twitter page by a Sony employee who worked on the project. Not much, but it's sort of new to me. I'm not a big Twitter user because I don't find it useful but maybe there is something there. Update: You can see the commercial without jumping through any hoops at Creativity Online.

Most of you have seen the bouncing ball commercial filmed in San Francisco, if not you can watch it here (an extended version) and the making of video here. The second commercial may be a bit foreign to you, I don't remember seeing it on the television. It was filmed in Glasgow, Scotland last July (the clown was a nice touch). You can view it here and watch the making of video here.

Update 2 (Doesn't look good...): Looks like Fallon / Passion Pictures ripped off the bunny idea from an LA-based artist duo, kozyndan. You've probably seen the Great Wava off Kana gawa spoof with bunnies as the white froth on the top of the wave, but they also produced an NYC print with multicolored bunnies sprinkled throughout. More information on Gizmodo!

Innovative Advertising: Inventor Spot has a nice collection of 9 innovative outdoor ads. Give it a go, I know there has been numerous collections online of great outdoor advertising, but I've never seen the ones collected at Inventor Spot. Here's one of them for your enjoyment, and for the photographers there's a nice Canon ad for you to check out.

Ripped the two paragraphs below from the previous post. The previous post was too long anyway and I thought the information below connected more with the content above.

Performance Art: Lightning doodle, painting with light, you've seen it. The Sprint commercials ring a bell? Here's a behind the scenes look at the 'Dreams' commercial. Not sure how old this art form (in its current incarnation) is but this Japanese piece titled PikaPika is a bit too fast for me, got cross-eyed at times watching it. There was a very cool part where a fish jumps into water and the animators got the splashes down so nicely. As stated by John Maguire (who?), they eat light and shit magic! Makes me proud to be a Sprint user!

Elmo forwarded this video to me. It showcases a bunch of Koreans pulling off the amazing Human LCD. The way they executed the animations is pretty mind blowing. Wish they would bring it state side. Put all the crowd 'waves' and marching bands to shame! Drumline what?

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