Support me as I fight MS in the 2007 MS Bike Tour!
On Sunday, October 14th, I will be one of 5,000 cyclists participating in the 23rd Annual MS Bike Tour. I will be cycling 100 miles (for real this time) to raise money for the MS Society. This year the Tour's goal is to raise more than $2.6 million, and I want to help the MS Society reach that goal. To make a pledge to me, you can simply click on this link or mail a check (made payable to "MS Bike Tour") to me.

Together we can conquer this devastating disease that strikes young adults in the prime of their lives. The support you provide is vital to making continued strides in the battle against MS.

Want to Ride and Raise Money? I've already recruited Jonlin and his crew to join the Credit Suisse team, some of the guys on the Seadogs should be joining too (I just need to remind them =T). We are only a few riders away from our goal of 175 riders so sign up today! Why join the CS team? We get our own private area, nice hearty breakfast and storage area. And if you need it, the captains even have a bunch of training rides scheduled. Check out our team blog for additional information!

Choose from 30, 60, or 100 miles, the 30 mile route is very easy and you'll get to see NYC as you've never seen it before. For you photographers out there, this is your chance to get some incredible shots of the city. If you need a bike, I have an extra 52cm cyclocross bike for you! If you prefer, you can even do all your miles on a stationary bike in your own home or at the gym.

Unable to participate? Would you consider donating? It's for an incredible cause and like all donations it's tax deductible. You can pledge your donation to me here or if you prefer, feel free to pledge the donation to the CS Team in general! Last year my goal was $500, ended up raising $1,284.16, it'll be a little tougher this year since I'm not working at CS anymore but hey, no sweat! Thanks in advance!

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