The Not Incredible Adventures of the Down and Out Dollar and The Common Desk

Online Videos by Veoh.com

Been meaning to post this video up for a while now (download it here if it doesn't stream above, or go to the Veoh page). One of my favorite SNL skits; smart, funny, and extremely relevant in the past few days with headlines like the following from Bloomberg, Dollar Falls to Record Low Against Euro on Inflation, Fed View. Uploading here because NBC keeps removing the video from the other streaming video providers. If they had it on their NBC / SNL site, I'd just link it there but their website sucks and you can't find anything on it... so posting it up on VEOH. Let's see how long we have until they remove it. Oh and great performance from Topher Grace.

While we are on this subject, Vince posted up a great article from Bloomberg. Mark Gilbert spoofs the famous Chuck Norris jokes and recasts them as they apply to the U.S. economy. Read Chuck Norris's Tears Might Solve Credit Crunch here.

On another note, finally watched The Common Desk, earlier tonight. It sat on my hard drive for almost two years, never had the time or patience to sit through it (40 minute short). Maybe this weekend I'll reorganize my desk? Perhaps I'll finally crank some creative work out?

"The movie is from an agency called ”Belief” and is a broadcast design & live animation studio. The movie shows you how to create the perfect surroundings for coming up with cool ideas through some real examples and they illustrate it with real work. It is full of humor and a real joy to watch. A wonderful way to show your talent to potential clients and for others a true inspiration! Looking forward to your opinion about it. Enjoy!" - Veerle

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