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Transformers came and went. I was satisfied at the time, now comes a slew of nostalgic movies to look forward to (or not). I covered the Thundercats animated movie previously, the movies to be covered today are all live-action or CGI.

The first one up already sounds like a disaster (keep reading, I'm saving the best movies for last) as the Transformers counterpart in the mid-80s, G.I. Joe is bastardized by the accountants to appeal to a global audience. If the executives truly believe a G.I. Joe film produced as we know it won't appeal to a wide enough audience to warrant the investment, why bother making the movie? There's talk of this 'Action Man' character I know nothing about or have interest in, let's just call the movie Action Man and be done with it. The script isn't finalized yet, let's hope they either kill it or stay true.

Another Rambo movie, wasn't much of a fan as a kid, loved the Rocky series more and thought Stallone's Rocky Balboa movie was passable. Probably my third favorite movie in the series. Anyway, Stallone's at it again with John Rambo. The story ties in Myanmar which sparked my interest. Don't know anything about the politics there now but a quick search on Google News makes it seem much more tamed than it was in the past. Anyway, I'm unqualified to write about the politics and I don't know how much research Stallone did for the movie. The premise seems decent, but it's bloody as hell. Trailer included in the link above.

Beowulf. Haven't heard that name since high school! This movie wasn't on my radar but because it has Neil Gaiman's name attached to the screenplay, I'll be on the lookout later this fall.

Avatar. Apparently there are two movies duking it out for that title, a Shyamalan live-action adaptation of my beloved Nickelodeon series and something James Cameron has been cooking up for a while.

To be honest Robotech wasn't at the top of my list when I was a kid. I was exposed to the series in very much the same way as I was exposed to Saint Seiya. I don't remember it much as a weekly syndicated series, instead most of my exposure to it was through rented tapes at various shops in Chinatown. Anyone up for a Robotech marathon? I'm sure I can borrow the series from someone. Anyway, a movie is in the works starring Tobey Maguire, he is also looking to serve as a producer so it looks like he has a personal interest in the film's success. Things are looking bright for now, we just need to see what changes will be made for the adaptation to live-action / CGI.

I know nothing about GOLION, but the Americanized version, Voltron, is a childhood favorite. The episodes were very formulaic but the entire sequence of them jumping into their pods to enter the Lions hidden in various environments really made my imagination run wild. Anytime I'm day dreaming about sitting inside and controlling a robot, it's not a result of Mech Warrior but Voltron and Gundam. In short, someone has gotten their hands on the script and it's not corny. It's dark and I can't freaking wait!

Rewinding a bit, I'm sure many of you read Where the Wild Things Are as a kid. I purchased the book recently with the Scholastic credit I received (due to the muck-up with the Harry Potter book from DeepDiscountDVD) and as with many things from our childhood it wasn't as good as we recalled. I do appreciate how much the book leaves up to the imagination and I guess that's the entire point of it. Interested to see the director's take, how do you flesh out such a short book into a full length movie? The lone screen shot released gives us a lot of hope for the movie.

Get Smart, who's a fellow fan? It was a little bit before my time, but I used to watch it as a kid back to back with the Dick Van Dyke show on Nick at Nite. Great series and this looks like an all star cast, Steve Carrell, Anne Hathaway, The Rock. Austin Powers is the current king of spy comedies, wonder if Get Smart will reclaim the crown. The trailer brought back vivid memories from the show, click on the link to check it out.

Iron Man! Elmo notified me of the new trailer and it is AMAZING! Go on take a look here! If you don't think it rocks I'll give you $5. I was blown away...

The Dark Knight, I loved the first movie and was initially disappointed that they casted Heath Ledger as Joker in the sequel. But after hearing his Joker laugh I was won over. Now here come the photos from the movie (isn't everything a bit bright?) and... well I still like Jack Nicholson's version more.

If you didn't notice, I linked a lot to a blog called First Showing in this post. They have some good SEO because every search I did, their blog post was near the top. From the blog, they are making another Street Fighter movie... and it's going to suck as much as the first one heh.

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