Nike Leave Nothing, for a high quality version of the video above (this is why I hate all-Flash sites) click on It's Time for Football on the bottom right, next on the lower left, click on Ads, finally, on the top right click on the thumbnail beneath videos. Michael Mann directed the commercial which was produced by Nike in cooperation with advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy.

I'm not a big fan of Nike, but they are winning me over with their homegrown snowboarding team (part of Nike 6.0) and with marketing campaigns like the one above. Love the slogan too! Curious as to how they made the commercial, there's an interesting thread at mograph that may lend some insight. Have some more time to kill? Check out additional Nike and adidas commercials here.

September brings another season of the gridiron into our living rooms. First week wasn't bad, Reggie Wayne put up some big numbers for my fantasy team on Thursday. Actually it was the best fantasy week I ever had. Not sure how you get on Yahoo's leader board, but I thought my 181.40 points would surely put me up there.

The first touchdown throw between Eli and Plaxico was auspicious. Eli has improved a lot since last year but he still looks like a girl on the field and just like prior seasons, he'll probably start out strong and disintegrate by December. What really ticked me off was the end of the game after he hurt his shoulder. He was able to throw 4 for 4 and then sat out the last 5 minutes of the game. WTF? The stage was set for him to really show the world what type of player he is and he pulls that shit? Sure he might have been hurt enough to be detrimental to the team, but he did have a successful drive already with the injured shoulder. Him sitting out probably wiped out his own team mentally. I would bet 90% of the quarterbacks in the league would have stuck it out. Look at what Pennington did... I knew we should have drafted Quinn. By the end of the season, Eli and Coughlin should be given their walking papers.

Onto the game gridiron football was based on, rugby. The World Cup is going on right now, the American team has had a poor showing so far losing to England and Tonga. The All Blacks absolutely demolished Italy. Fortunately for us Americans, selected Rugby World Cup games are being broadcasted by Versus.