P.S. 130 Elementary School Reunion

In the middle of July, Darkwing, Kali and I started talking about our elementary school, PS 130, days after DW found some old school photos and sent them to us. On August 1st he managed to round up a bunch of us for dinner. Didn't recognize some of the people that showed up, but it was fun catching up with everyone. I attended P.S. 130 for grades 4 through 6 so at times I felt like an outsider since most of the people there knew each other since Kindergarten. Some of the usual suspects (Mike, Evan, Wei-Yang) didn't show up but we still had over 10 attendees. Impressive showing... photos of the dinner can be found here and here. Can you match up the people? There were three 6th grade classes so some of the attendees may not be in the photo I posted above. DW and I match!