Catching up on some architecture links...
This past birthday Terry got me a subscription to Metropolis Magazine. Excellent choice, but the first issue was akin to a slap in the face. On the cover was Gehry's InterActiveCorp (IAC) Headquarters, a building I passed by frequently on my bike rides up and down the West Side. I observed that building going up and surprisingly, this might be the second Gehry Building I don't hate (aside from Spain's Bilbao). It's more structured than his previous projects, but most of all I'm digging the Studios interior. Think I might apply to IAC just because of the building.

From my count, David Adjaye's house for Lorna Simpson and James Casebere is the third unique Fort Greene housing project I've come across. The first two are mentioned in this previous post. Not much to go by except for these two articles (1, 2). Has a gallery / museum quality to it and I think I'm drawn to it because of the staircase and the rear facade, though I'm sure I would like the front facade if there was a larger photo of it. From the photos it's very sterile not sure how someone keeps their home so clean, I know that place would look filthy in a week if I lived there, have a hard enough time keeping a one floor condo looking clean. Looks sort of out of place in the site photograph, but again that's a rear view... would it be too much if I went there asking to take a look around?

I've always been fond of water towers. In fact, if I ever produce a comic, the hero would make the water towers around the city his / her base of operations. Can you imagine having access to all your gear throughout Manhattan? Bet Batman would be quite jealous. Anyway, a few individuals (1, 2) have taken that idea into reality though they aren't the same type of water towers we see atop buildings in NYC, they still build on the same idea and look mighty cozy.

A bunch of people (most likely architects) respond to Bruce Mau's manifesto. Haven't had a chance to read through all the replies, just sharing in advance.