Thundercats and C'était un rendez vous
While this blog was on hiatus, word on the street was that a Thundercats movie was in the works for 2010. It's in fact an animated feature and not a live action movie (the Esquire article was a hoax). While Transformers and GI Joe are probably the best known cartoons from the 80s, Thundercats is no pushover. Don't remember much of the storyline but I think it wasn't as formulaic as Voltron which is a good thing. Not sure how many out there remember the Thundercats' sibling, the Silverhawks but this series was the space-bound equivalent to the Thundercats (according to Wikipedia).

Anyway, the thing that ticked me off about the show was their base. It was designed to look like a panther or some other feline... yet it couldn't move. I remember an episode where the villains built a mecha that was just as big and could move. So naturally it tore apart their base ripping off its head. At least their vehicle, the ThunderTank was badass, made a great toy too! Anyone have favorites? Panthro was totally badass.

Since the Transformers countdown has come and gone, we now have a new date to look forward to, sometime in 2010. Some Youtube videos to whet your appetite.

Thundercats (Show intro)

Thundercats (Lost intro)

Thundercats (Live-action amateur movie)

And for good measure, the Silverhawks intro:

While we are on Youtube videos, here's a famous cult film, C'était un rendez vous. More information on this film can be found on Wikipedia. Think I caught wind of this video on the Final Gear forums... only another month or so before Top Gear is back on the air...