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Let's kick off the season in style. On October 18th (Thursday) (pushing this back into November) at 8pm, we'll be holding a viewing session for the movie Picture This (trailer above) at my place. Bring your own food and drinks, or we'll order in, I'll have snacks available. Let me know if you are coming and if you need directions! I know it's a bit early so the date is tentative, if people want I'll push it back to November when the cold really sets in.

To get you in the mood for the movie above how about some amateur videos from the awesome Whistler-based crew of Crapneto? Aqua / Geographically Proximal, Crapneto, Chair Sham Bo. Additional snowboarding videos and links can be found in this NYSG post I typed up last year. Sorsa Project, Nyquil told me about this documentary where a crew follows around Heikki Sorsa for a year.

Great Reads:
Columnist Dave Barry wrote a great article on the trials of learning how to snowboard over a decade ago. Incredibly funny read whether or not you are into snow sports. I've read it countless times and it always cracks me up. I wish I had an original copy of the article to post up in my snowboard shrine (a corner of my bedroom).

"This sport is just too damn fun not to go as much as your life permits." - Jake Burton
Burton for your business by HP, saw a banner ad for this on BoingBoing but never realized what content was linked to it. Thanks goes out to Michelle for pointing it out.

Snowboarding Industry 101:
Still considered a relatively young sport, innovations are constantly introduced every year. Burton is making a big splash with their E.S.T. and Speed Zone binding technology, on the other end Mike Olson of Mervin (owned by Quiksilver) has also introduced his fair share of ideas over the years. Here's an interview titled 'A History Lesson With Mike Olson,' read it then thank him (especially you Grind since you are crazy for the banana tech). And for a macro view, check out the Snowboard History Timeline part 1, part 2, and part 3 and a video with similar details. I've posted a lot of these links already but it doesn't hurt to refresh your knowledge before the season. Touched upon it above when I mentioned Quiksilver owning Mervin, here's a primer on who owns what in the industry, Snowboard “industry” Knowledge 101.

Some more SouthAm Trip Recap:
You saw the photos now here's a video. This was my introduction to Bariloche and Catedral Alta Patagonia a week or two before going down there. While we were down there, Elmo grabbed my sketchbook and wrote the following entry, nice eh?
"Dear Diary,

The better part of our journey lay behind us, and we sit here and wait on this rainy and snow-ridden day. The flakes fall down from their exasperated journey from the heavens, only to expire upon the wet asphalt beneath our feet. Such a short lifespan, fleeting even, with no better purpose but to soil the ground I walk on. Has my life had as little meaning as this?"
I spent way too much last year on equipment and trips so this season I'm going to try to keep myself from buying any new big ticket items. So no boots, bindings or boards! Anyone want to by a pair of used Ride Beta MVMNTs or NIB Burton Missions?

I already purchased another Sessions jacket, the Surveillance in black, off SteepandCheap, my current white and tan Leatherneck jacket is still with Sessions because a button fell off during my SouthAm trip and it's in for an RMA. Trying to resist purchasing additional pants to go with the black jacket.

07/08 IS Design Goggles are looking really good, I purchased two pairs of Type-R's right after the season ended so they'll get me through this season. But the new Forma frames are HOT HOT HOT! Might have to buy a pair if I see one for a good price. The new Houndstooth print for the Dragon Mace goggle is also looking sexy but I already have an unused white pair sitting around, anyone want to buy it off me? FYI, Dragon goggles (especially the Mace and DX) and IS Design goggles fit Asian faces really well. Oakley's aren't bad either depending on the type of nose you have.

Trips (Whistler 2/1 - 2/10):
A bunch of us already booked a slope-side house and purchased our plane tickets. If you want more information on the trip please let me know, we are gathering a bunch of people to book a second house. FYI, buy a Mountain Creek 5x7 Season Pass if you are going to go to Whistler, until October 8th, the pass is $200.

For Whistler, purchasing tickets ahead of time saves us 20%. If you have a season pass at another Intrawest Resort, you save 50% on lift tickets (max 10). I already purchased a Mountain Creek 5x7 Season Pass ($200). I received email confirmation that the 5x7 Season Pass will get us the discount at Whistler. DO IT.

Burton World Tour:
Oh yeah, the reason I'm posting this today is because the Burton World Tour will be hitting up Hiro Ballroom later tonight. I considered going but everyone that went to last night's showing out in Long Island didn't come back impressed. Just a heads up if any of you city people want to check it out. I'll be passing.

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