The snow can't get here fast enough... Post #499
Threadless (where I get all my wickedly cool shirts) is having a $10 sale spanned over 30 days. Shop quickly because they usually run out of stock in the first few days of a sale. And use my link so I can score some 'street points'! I haven't bought a shirt in a while since it's tough for me to get any of them into rotation. T-shirt days are at most 2 out of the 7 days in a week. Wish they had the one on the right in stock.

Football Pretty exciting weekend of football, most of the teams we needed to lose did, vaulting Rutgers into the Top Ten. Giants gave away the game to the Bears. Eli reaffirmed my view on him. He sucks. He doesn't throw a pretty ball, isn't accurate and even when he does get the ball to the receiver, the receiver has to go out of his way to get it. One of these days he's going to get one of them laid out and everyone will finally realize Eli will never be a Peyton. The entire game I didn't see him look away the receiver once. Hell I didn't see him scan the field once. From the snap to the 3 / 5 step drop he kept his eyes on one side of the field. He basically stared down his first option until the safety keyed on him before letting the ball go. Regression is his middle name (and it's not like the Bears brought any pressure). Coughlin too should get the boot, awful play calls and that field goal? Not Feely's fault, definitely Coughlin's though. Underutilizing both Shockey and Barber.

Saturday, OSU vs. Michigan. Wow, this might very well be the championship game.
"Yes, sir, it's finally here: Meeee-chigan versus Ohio State in football. Twenty minutes until blast off, as two of the oldest rivals in the Big Ten square off in The Game of the Day, The Game of the Year, The Game of the Decade. ... Call it what you will, it promises to be 2½ hours of some of the most exciting football in the 104-year history of man's inhumanity to man." - Bob Ufer
Let's go Buckeyes! According to EA's NCAA 2007, OSU wins by 8 points. I wonder if the coaches uses these simulations like the commercials =D.

Some crazy fan built a 10' replica of their stadium out of Legos. A thought just came to mind how on Battleships (as pictured in the Threadless t-shirt above), the coordinators (whatever they are called) actually use little models to coordinate everything on the flight deck. Isn't that crazy?! They have models that they move around to see which planes are parked, which are being parked, which are being moved out, which are taking off and which are landing. What happens when the ship suddenly rolls and all the models fall off the table? That would suck eh?

Blackberry This morning I saw a guy almost get run over because he was crossing Fulton Street while playing around with his Blackberry. If he did get hit, I wonder whether or not I would have gone over to help him or kick him telling him he deserved it.

Materialism Do I really need this? Once the snow hits I should be gone every weekend. I can't imagine using this unless I'm watching a game.

I definitely don't need the 6" CheTrooper bust but it's so freaking cool looking. $60 shipped... hmmm.

More fun in the office? USB powered missile launcher. Kind of expensive though.

Gears of War looks so badass, I'm entertained just watching Terry play. He also just got FFV for the GBA. Should I get FFIII, Children of Mana and Contact? Do I have time to play all of them???

Snowboarding There's been a lot of talk about global warming, climate change and though we have been having abnormally high temperatures, I'm still thinking cold, freezing, snowy thoughts. If we are going to lose the ice caps and cold winters, might as well enjoy it while it lasts. Over a grand has already been spent and I still have the board, bindings and possibly boots to purchase, I'm committed!

Anyone need goggles? I'll have some extras after I figure out whether the Dragon Foil (narrow, used them for two seasons), Dragon DX (eh, used by friends/family), Adidas Yodai (wanted these for a while, after getting them, not impressed with the materials, NIB) or Spy Orbit (haven't received them yet, but they may be too big) fits better on the R.E.D. Hi-Fi or Head Pro J helmets. I was really digging the Giro Bad Lieutenant (no ventilation, mixed reviews), K2 Crossfire, and the Bern Baker but all of them were too small for my humongous head.

Since I'll be riding by myself a lot this winter, I might get a music device to supply myself with some company while waiting in the lift lines and riding them up. It's been a toss up between the new Shuffle and Nano. I also considered the iRiver S10, but it hasn't been released and the pricing is a mystery. I was _ this close to purchasing the 8gb black Nano yesterday but decided to step back. I asked a few people and decided to sleep on it. This morning as I was riding the train, I watched several fellow commuters as they were engrossed in watching whatever videos that were playing on their iPods. I think it's clear, there's no need for the Nano for my purposes, went ahead and ordered the Shuffle, the first Apple product for myself. It'll hurt less in the future when I need to upgrade / replace it since it's a given that Apple's product lifecycles are rather short. I'm digging these Bluetooth headphones too so I'm wondering if my sudden urge to buy an iPod is fueled by the iLuv i202's or not.

$164 roundtrip airfare to SLC and back. So tempting. I really should stop looking at these things. I should stay on the East Coast as much as possible and make full use of my Killington pass.

Asian Interests So my high school township of Livingston was in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend. I read it on the train while traveling with Playskool to Manhattan. Jay just hooked me up with the link to it to share with you all. Is Admissions Bar Higher for Asians At Elite Schools? An LHS graduate sues Princeton because they (along with four other IVYs) rejected him. I'm actually on his side. But really, what a nerd.

Stomp The Yard Just saw this on B's Xanga. Finally a movie I'm willing to go to the theaters for (flame suit on). $100 says when we get to convention (well when the actives go to convention), all the step teams will be biting moves from the movie.

Google Adsense and Analytics See anything new on this blog? I signed up for Adsense over a year ago but never got around to implementing it. Since I just transferred the blog to the new beta-blogger backend, I decided to add the Analytics code to the template and while I was at it, I'm finally going to give Adsense a go. Not definite if it's going to stick around. We'll see...
At 7:43 PM, Blogger Tomonori Tsujita said...

"stomp the yard" looks like a step version of "drumline"

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i need me a pair of goggles and a helmet. i think i'm asking for it by boarding without them! I'm looking at the spy comets. Let me know what you think about your spys when they come in. btw, thanx again for starting the google group. I can't wait for snow!

At 2:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you don't update anymore.

and yes, it's all about the onion chopping. :P

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Upload Database said...

dude, your blog is so interesting to read. i love it. i'm glad you liked my drop kick

At 5:39 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

dude update already its a new year...

At 12:01 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

That he does. And he thinks you're cute


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