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I haven't cheered so hard since... the Giants beat the Cowboys a couple of weeks ago. Just got home from Proof where all the Rutgers alumns gathered for the game. Was told to go there by some coworkers yesterday but upon walking in and wriggling my way through both floors, none of them were around. Luckily I bumped into YoYo MaMa and Bollywood, ended up chilling with them and their friends for the rest of the game. Cheered my ass off, surprised my throat is still okay. Wish I had gone to a D-I school, total euphoria down in that bar's basement. At one point Bollywood was giving me crap about how I was cheering on Rutgers even though I never attended the big RU. Well, appreciate it cuz I was outcheering half the alumns there. Jersey pride!

Rutgers vs. LouisvilleIt wasn't all on the positive though. I saw the first three quarters at NYU's Palladium and there were many plays that got me frustrated. That blocked PAT was great, but what the hell was the guy doing waving everyone away? Gave up two easy points. Then the personal foul on the punter right before half time, Ito's missed field goal at the end of the game (thank god Louisville went off-sides), if Rutgers lost the game, they beat themselves. But they didn't, and lastly, the fans... rushing onto the field with time still left on the clock and the ball in Louisville's possession, not too bright people. ROLLERCOASTER...

Just coming down from the high right now, a full two hours after I left that bar. Thinking a little more clearly. Implications of the game? If Rutgers beats WVU in a few weeks, we are looking at a possible BCS Bowl! OSU vs. Rutgers? How about that??? I don't know who I would root for, guess I'll be rooting for the defense of both teams the entire time. Probably won't happen, even if Rutgers wins and ends the season undefeated, there's too much bias against Jersey. They'll most likely send a one loss team in there to go up against OSU. Hell it might even be a possible OSU vs. Michigan rematch. Anyway one can dream. I'm gonna try to hold onto this feeling for as long as I can.

Bears vs. Giants this Sunday evening. Who's down for watching the game at our place? Let me know if you are interested so I can get some food together. Oh man... what a night. I wish I could share this feeling with everyone. Care Bears share... congratulations to all the Rutgers students, alumns, players and fans. You rock! Thug pound! Hugs all around. =D

Update: On Facebook? Why not go and poke players from Louisville? Join the group, Poke the Other Team's Quarterback (Rutgers Chapter), brilliant! Not gonna poke Brohm right now, poor guy got enough crap from his brother (QB coach) and the head coach.
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