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Pictured on the right is Chewy's costume for Halloween. I won't bother showing you what he wants me to wear. Let's just say... Borat, bathing suit.

It's stuff like the Target Wii giftcard that would make me very happy if I were given the opportunity to design it. Until today I was not aware of Target's penchant for distributing wickedly cool gift cards. With Chewy's recent Wii craze, these photos of the Target Wii gift cards caught my eye. I'm going to stop by tonight if I make it home before it closes.

Jake recently notified me of this ridiculously priced bicycle, the Trek Madone SSL 6.9. $8000! You read that right, that's three ZEROES after that nice eight. With that amount of money, I could buy something with an engine in it. I don't know much about the components but it doesn't look all that fast. On the otherhand, over at RA Cycles where I got my Poprad tuned up before the MS Bike Tour, I couldn't stop admiring the HED Aerolab V04. It looks so mean, so fast... if the Nissan Skyline GT-R were a bike, this would be it and it's under $5000.

Remember the design blog post on the austitic savant? Came across videos of Stephen Wiltshire drawing entire landscapes from memory. The better video of the two is Rome, but the drawing of Tokyo is impressive given its size.

The Sartorialist teams up with Saks. I never pay much attention to the windows since I tend to use the 48th street exit. I'll make it a point to pop on over during lunch to see how this blog has hit the big time.

Szymon Skrzypczak, a Polish student won the competition to design the EU's 50th Birthday Celebrations logo. The colors makes me think Google, the different typefaces, that's a nifty idea but how memorable will this logo be?

New Cisco logo, excellent evolution. Digging the new typeface, the bridge symbol could use some work to make it more unique? I don't know, maybe I just need some time. But overall one of the stronger redesigns in quite a while.

I think I've only gone to Disney once or twice. I don't have much to identify with, but Tom Richmond has taken a lot of time to detail the "Disney Difference".

Politics is a tiring game and it looks as though Maya Lin has forced upon herself, the title of 'one-hit wonder' as she disconnects herself from her greatest work and embarks on reclusive projects, selectively picking her fights or in most cases, none at all. Well, that's what Philip seems to be conveying in this essay. Last time I even thought of her was when I was choosing and eventually rented a DVD documentary on her memorial (Blockbuster free trial month).

Been in discussions with Bob over the naming of a certain website. A coincidence then that I stumbled upon this blog devoted to 'names' titled Strategic Name Development. Definitely check out some of the articles the blog links to.

Want a Master in Design with that?
How a ChemE jumped over to shape customer experience. Informative article and it sounds like something I should really consider. He makes working at McDonalds sound like Proctor & Gamble. Best line of the article "It allows us to fail fast so we don't invest in the wrong things." Oh and in the end he also gives a shoutout to CMU.

Saw this post, How to ruin a web design, the design-curve a while back. Not sure if I ever shared it, but now that my next project 'may' start in the next two weeks (redoing the site), I'm excited but apprehensive. Let's hope it doesn't turn out to be a design-by-committee product. "A camel is horse designed by committee"

I've never been much of a Doonesbury fan. My tastes tend to lean towards the geekiness of Foxtrot or the genius that is C&H (no doubt) and Farside. But after reading this article on Doonesbury's creator, I guess I'll be paying attention to that strip that used to situate itself on the bottom left side of the comics in the Star Ledger. It's a rather long read and riddled with good quotes.
He was right about Vietnam (When a conservative columnist said that he saw a "a light at the end of a tunnel," Michael asked him: "When you've dug yourself into a hole, why do you always insist on calling it a tunnel?").

And Trudeau is a deadline junkie, always pushing it to the limit. ("Once a week," he says, "I am a very desperate man.")

He once informed his son: "Life is not something to be enjoyed, so just get on with it," a statement so splendid and outrageous it would eventually find its way into "Doonesbury."

The young men and women who we've repeatedly put in harm's way are paying the price for this misbegotten mission, and as long as it continues, I, like so many of our countrymen, must walk this strange line between hating the war but honoring the warrior. I don't know how long we can keep it up.

"I had more flow as a designer," Trudeau explains. "I could just drop down into the zone and stay there for hours. With cartooning, I'm constantly coming up for air, procrastinating, looking for reasons not to be doing it. I spend all day granting myself special dispensation, with 'creative process' as my cover story. Carpenters and deli countermen can't do that, so I think they may feel better about themselves at the end of the day."
In other comic strip news (Dilbert), from Slashdot: "Scott Adams lost his voice 18 months ago to a disorder called Spasmodic Dysphonia. One day, it returned. He is apparently the first person in history to recover from this malady. Read his account. It is inspirational. I can't find any other word for it."

A FireFox user spends a week with IE7 and FireFox 2 was released today. I tried installing over my old 1.5+ but that didn't work out too well. I suggest uninstalling your current copy first. It should keep all the bookmarks, history and settings in place.

An interview with Chris Bangle.

I lost to Mass by one FREAKING point in Fantasy Football. It's all good though, my boys in Blue had a great game last night. Jacobs, he's a truck. Thanks to Mike for giving me a ride home.

Who's up for Salt Lake City (Park City) on December 17th - 22nd? So far it's Rob, Jason and me. More the merrier.
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