Photo taken back in July at the New York Botanical Garden. Chihuly was exhibiting some of his pieces so we decided to take a trip up there. That photo has been an icon on my desktop for a while, finally getting rid of it.

Posted about the Sidewalk Chalk Guy last year, never did find his name until this weekend. Jake sent me this awesome Batman and Robin piece recently, so after recalling the previous posting, some Googling dug up this blog entry. The artist is Juliann Beever or possibly Kurt Wenner. Both of them are masters of sidwalk 3-D chalk art. If you don't appreciate the work yet, you will after viewing the blog entry, it shows a piece from the opposite angle and it looks ridiculous. How these two manage to work out the perspective so well, I have no idea. (credit Jake)

Carnegie Mellon students, not only are we ugly, we are out of shape. I guess the two goes hand in hand. If only programming was physically strenuous. (credit Howard)

Lago Studios. Floating beds have been done, but the 36E8 storage systems? Mmmm yeah sexy. I need to find myself a warehouse to house all this stuff I have an affinity for. Right after I find a way to make all that money to pay for these 'designer' goods.

Take a look at your phone. Are you really satisfied with the design of it? The ergonomics, how it fits in your pocket, even the operating system? Not to take anything away from the current design teams at Motorola, Nokia, HTC, SE and the many other manufacturers since they have economics, materials and other considerations, but the concepts at the Apple iPhone site are impressive. The rotary click wheel is neat, if someone figures out how to really make it look retro-cool, that'd be a winner. Guess it's always easier to have some limits placed on the design, a lot of times, a blank sheet spells trouble since there's no origin point. Beginning a project is probably one of the more rewarding aspects and frustrating. Having the constraints of a few generations of Apple design language is a great starting point though.

After seeing Kev's kickass I Ching tattoo, I think I've finally found something to put on my other arm. Now I just have to sort through the 63 symbols and find two meaningful enough. Word on the street is that Chewy's down with it too though I'm not sure whether or not he's going with a brand or tat.

Another creative commercial from Honda, too bad I never got into Tron so there's no nostalgic pull for me here.

Coolest aspects of cruises? When the chefs whip up the kick ass ice and chocolate sculptures. Now Lego's getting into the game with their very first ice cube mold. You have to build with the ubiquitous 4x2 block, but I'm sure in a few years they'll have additional offerings. (via Coolhunting)

Was wondering why I got comments on the Atlantic Avenue post. Looks like Brownstoner was showing me some link love.

I'm not feeling the new Volvo C30, but I'm not going to complain about the designer's decision to tell all on a blog. Always interested in getting into the mind of a designer, especially something on this scale.

Been meaning to check out Ecotopia after Cathy told me about it, so close to me, who's down to go after work one day?

You Make Bunny Cry. The new God Kills a Kitten photo? Cute.