Photo journal of the past 24 hours
A quick photo diary from last night through this morning. Last night upon exiting the Atlantic Avenue stop, I came across an open top Lamborghini Gallardo, it wasn't the first one I've seen in person though since they've had two on display in Grand Central Terminal. But it was very unexpected. I took a look at the rear (as seen in the photo), turns out it had an MA plate.

This morning I went to the post office beneath Rockefeller Center. I've read about Kapoor's Sky Mirror and have seen it from a block away during my commute but never took the time to get up close until today. I wish they had paid more attention to the concrete mass holding it in place. The mirror looks really cheesy sitting on top of 'pavement grade' concrete, nothing like the polished stuff adorning many museums and other classy institutions. I'm glad they didn't install this during the summer though.

On the way back from the MS Bike Tour pre check-in, I purposely walked by the Audi 'forum' where they were supposed to have the R8 on display. I've decided to not upload most of the photos since all of them including much better photos from others are up on Autoblog. Below you'll see my favorite shot (all taken with my cellphone). They failed to mention that a block north, another group was taking advantage of the press. The group is Classic Car Club, and it's basically a rental fleet of the 'elite' cars of the world catering to the wealthy. Perfect setting then as they were on Park Avenue. If you watch Top Gear / Fifth Gear you should have heard about clubs like this already. Anyway they had on hand, a Ford GT and Lotus Elise.

Finally, if you haven't noticed, Fifth Gear has been back on the air, this past Monday marked its third episode. I miss Top Gear, thankfully the Hamster's okay and in half a year they should be back. They'll be sorely missed for the time being though. Anyway, back to Fifth Gear, what the hell is with the new host? Who thought it was a good idea to add the herbie Tim Lovejoy? Fortunately it doesn't mean Tom Plato's gone permanently (he's been doing well in the BTCC) and he'll be back soon enough. When Plato comes back or even before he does, they should get rid of Tim Lovejoy and while they are at it, they should get rid of the guy with the bags under his eyes, how come I can't find his name anywhere? Not even on the official site. Can't stand him.
At 11:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm, who's reigning champ and leader in this year's BTCC? why, it's Team Halfords running Honda Integras!

At 2:33 AM, Blogger Jake said...


r8 is giving me R8CTM


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