Baggo's Jackets
I got punked this past weekend. I went up against Cunnin, he doesn't manage his team, has a 1-4 record and yet with TWO players having bye weeks, he's got 100 points to my 50. I also sat Travis Henry and am watching my starting quarterback, Rex Grossman, looking like he got paid off. Count is at 2 INTs and 2 lost fumbles. You know what's even worse? I benched Leinart too. I couldn't have made any worse calls.

After tonight's loss, I will have lost 3 in a row. Well there's still another half to play but Grossman will have to go wild throwing TDs to Berrian (also on my team) to make up for all the INTs. I need 25 points from each of them to win against Cunnin.

The only saving grace for my team? Other than managing a 3-3 record while scoring the least amount of points in the league. It's the team names actually. I've made it a habit of changing my team name every week to reflect my opponents. First two weeks I left it as Anthony Mason Rocks (my default name for any fantasy game I play) before changing it up to imma win vs. imma lose, Moby Dick vs. USS Destroy Darren, Klit General vs. Klit Commander and this past weekend, Baggo's Jackets vs. Cunnin's Blazers. Get it? I can't believe no one in my league gave me props for Baggo's Jackets. I think it's genius.

Really, I had to stop and pat myself on the back for that last team name. Mmm yeah, going to do it again. Pat pat.

Update: Rex, you a funny guy giving me NEGATIVE 9.39 points. Haha. Yeah funny. Damn 4 INTs and 2 lost fumbles, on any other team he would have been taken off the field. Even if I had started Henry and Leinart I would still be no where close to beating Cunnin's team. 3 and 3.
At 11:21 PM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

i think the USS Destroy Darren is funny. I would've gone with Darren's Bulls rather than Jackets. Then you have the "Bulls vs. Blazers" reference, which as we all know is a pioneering basketball video game.

At 2:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sadly, the USS Destroy Darren was sunk by Moby Dick that week

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