Analog Time
Analog My cell phone transcended into coolness recently. Upon flicking open the clamshell the screen frequently flickers wildly in a wave-like pattern as if there are issues with a weak signal. I've had the MPx220 for close to two years (maybe more) now and part of me wants to get something with Windows Mobile 5.0, and the other half is falling for the flickering screen.

Analog is cool and you know it too. Imperfections in everything we do make the work all that more interesting, it helps the user / viewer connect with the creator of the piece. Why with the preference for vinyl over electronic media or even cell drawings over 3-D animation, I'm just waiting for the cycle to run its course. In time we'll find ways to port over the quirky things that make technology 'human' into the next generation of gadgets.

You know what SD television has over HD television? When a signal is weak or goes out intermittenly on SD, you can still make out the game or whatever you are watching. When the same happens to an HD signal, forget it. Fox's HD signal sucks btw. I missed parts or whole games in the past three weeks everytime they are shown on Fox.

Time I read a column recently ruminating on how we perceive time as we age. When we jump into the working world, people are always lamenting on how fast time flies by. Ever wonder why it feels that way? It's all relative! I never considered it but it all makes sense. When we were ten, a year was 1/10th of our life, the amount of memory we had stored was ten years worth, we were still discovering things daily. Nowadays, a year consists of an endless cycle of 9-5's, no summer breaks, no going back to school sales. As a student, life was still getting filled by the chapter, now it's a huge run on sentence. We have so much information and memories stored, another year in the data banks barely registers.

Misc Forgot to register for the Ride Snowboard Art contest. My idea was to use a similar style of Hokusai's to render a snowboard scene. Another idea was to turn a stock chart into the trail left by a snowboard. I could jump on the whole environmental issue and use the stock chart of a carbon unit. The theme would go nicely with the Ride Business board no?

Two (quick) Photoshop tutorials that are worthy of a look. 1, 2.

Asian stuff, a database of the Korean film industry. As I mentioned before, the Cai Guo Qiang lecture was a dud, but I'm still a fan of his prior work. More contemporary Asian artists to take note of.

What a terrible weekend of football. Hopefully the Patriots / Colts game will be somewhat interesting. Freaking OSU almost lost to an unranked Illini. Giants better not be sleeping on the Texans.