Paper isn't just some boring 2-dimensional material

A piece of paper is just a piece of paper right? Not in the hands of Peter Callasen. Without adding material or completely removing the objects off the paper, he's able to put together some detailed and 3 dimensional pieces just by strategically cutting and folding. It's like an offshoot of origami but in some cases more complex. While the final product is notable, the trial and error / planning he must go through to make some of his pieces work must be quite lengthy, yet the material and display makes it look effortless. Making things look easy... he's a professional! Work other than the pieces I described are also available to view. You are doing yourself a disservice if you don't take at least a quick glance through his selected works.

What I really love? The piece below... think I'll execute a Batman or Spiderman version...

Other cool stuff:
There's a dent on my fridge %*@#$). Need to cover it up, how about a funky magnet?

The PowerSquid has some competition, new player in the power strip market (I hear it's blowing up).

And maybe why our studio professors decided to overload with the work:
Place insane demands. Then double them.
If you ask students for 2 models, they'll bring in 2 models. If you ask for 6 models, you'll get 6 models. The more work that comes in, the higher the chances that some it will be good, and that a tiny bit of it will be great. So ask for 12 models.

Did you know that Trek owns LeMond? And Bontrager too! Talk about a conglomerate!
At 3:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah i knew that trek owned lemond and bontrager. oh well, what can ya do. they say the pre-trek lemonds ride unbelievably. we should ride one of these days, even though i doubt i'd ever just drive up to the city to ride. i have a 02 lemond zurich and an o4 trek 5200. let me know, we can talk cycle. peace!

At 5:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

man it´s been a long time since i´ve read your blog! mainly cuz i´m on a work computer now and don´t have access to all of my bookmarks. man, i miss you!

re: air supply: LOVE THAT EPISODE!!! i remember watching it the first time with jake and he didn´t get the joke. it made me feel old. or rather, very much like a child of the 80s.

speaking of chocolate, if you talk to him tell him i send him a shout out. we´ve fallen outta touch, but i still think of him.

any news from anyone else interesting? you know that alyse was getting married a few months back?!?! crazy, eh? haven´t heard from darbi, but i get random emails (usually of pictures) from emily.

anyway, was recently thinking of you cuz i was looking at tix to go home for xmas (which def. won´t happen) and there was a layover for like 3 hours in newark and i thought of trying to extend it to visit you in NYC. maybe next time i come to the states...

sending you hugs!

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