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The new Audi R8 is a stunner! Look at the side profile, that should have been the profile of Nissan/Infiniti's new GT-R. It looks like a wicked evolutionary step up from the current G35 profile. This is why I need to hit the lotto... or work really hard and buy one when I hit my mid-life crisis.

This pixel art piece is so ridiculous that it's ridonculous (as Emma keeps repeating). Created by Jason Hung it stands at a massive 12800×10240, 400 tiles at 8.67mb. SICK. There are some sparse areas but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that it's a work in progress and that he'll be filling in those areas in the future.

The brilliance of Apple doesn't rest on Steve Jobs' shoulders alone. Meet Jonathan Ive and his team of designers. In this informative BusinessWeek article, Peter Burrows covers Ive's ascent through school and his hand in turning Apple around. Everyone on his design team makes $200,000 minimum. Isn't that great? Getting paid that much to do something you love. And they are worth every penny too since Apple and their shareholders are obviously benefitting from the design. Props to Apple for showing other companies that appealing to emotions / selling through design works. Along the same lines, an interview with Paul Bennet of IDEO.

Can't believe Apple still has some life in it. After they hit $50, I thought... they should be able to get back up to around $70 with the release of the video iPod, iPhone, etc. Now it seems like the rest of the PC industry is aiding Apple by tripping over themselves. Apple dominated the digital audio industry... now everyone else is allowing Apple go to after the portable computing sector. Smooth. Let's see if Sandisk can squeeze out a little win while Apple has it's attention away from the iPod line.

With Apple releasing it's recent deluge of products in time for the holidays, ever wonder which companies are getting a piece of the action? I found this article a while back while doing some research on which companies were supplying Apple. That new Shuffle looks pretty slick. Think I might succumb in the near future though I'm not sure how KPop will do while I'm in the gym. Found out from Tourrettes that one of the guys in Epik High is a Stanford Lambda! Looking to invest in Asia? Take a look at this Forbes article.

What happens when you get player's input when designing football uniforms? Mixed results. Oregon worked with Nike in designing their... plethora of uniforms, all 384 variants. The garish diamond plate pattern on the knees and shoulder pads needs to be removed immediately. Mentioned in the article is also a blog, Uni Watch, that is devoted to the obsessive study of athletics aesthetics. There's also an informative ESPN article on the various uniform 'adjustments' or changes for the 2006 season.

On my last post, I commented on the Trek subsidiaries in the cycling industry. Here's a page covering the various snowboarding companies and what they own. DC Shoe (love their new snowboarding boots) is owned by Quicksilver!

Didn't have the benefit of this book when I was redesigning my company's business cards. Posting it here really for my own benefit as a reminder to pick this up when I'm involved in another bcard design.

In NYC? Need some frames? Here's a resource for you.

Bent plywood is sexy, but everyone's on the bandwagon now. OFFI overlap tray. Do I really need to work on my laptop in bed?

PR fiascoes tend to be a sign that nobody's thinking about the customer. <--- Excellent quote, don't remember where I found it.

Tomorrow? An overdue post on local architecture... (cleaning out my list of links I've accrued over the last few months). And the amount of design related entries here? Yeah, the design blog has been retired if you didn't know. Don't know what other blogs I want to jump into... should I go for Luxist? Adjab?
At 5:34 PM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

dang that's a long post. that pixel art is crazy man. what city would have a racing circuit, soccer stadium, supermarket, residential development, airport, and lets not forget the SHUTTLE LAUNCH PAD?!?! pure insanity and no understanding of urban planning. F.

At 12:56 AM, Blogger Jake said...

The R8 looks amazing, but I am a little worried about where they have positioned it in the market. From what I have heard they have it pitted against the 911. Audi, even with the great racing success, seems akward entering this segment having to work around their interest in Lambo in particular.


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