Trial by fire for Bong, first and last build for Kev.
So yesterday Zan and I were out to get Bong. We brought him along for our longest trip yet and it turned out to be quite a whopper. We weren't going too fast (most of it took place on local streets) so the mileage didn't exactly pile on, but we were out there for almost 8 hours which resulted in sweet sweet sun burn. Best tan line ever.

Our trip took us through many neighborhoods I wish never to revisit, especially after nightfall. Going towards and around the border of Brooklyn, we passed through Crown Heights, East Flatbush, New Lots, Cypress Hills and many other down and out neighborhoods before we made a turn and headed for the water. While going over the bridge towards the Rockaways I got up close to a dead Seagull. Those things are freaking huge.

At around marker 25, Bong got a flat which resulted in an impromptu visit to the nearest bicycle shop. Turned out to be a blessing in disguise since Roy's Sheepshead Cycles is the best bicycle shop I've ever been to. They popped in a new tube for Bong's bike in no time, trued Zan's other rims and even managed to fix a problem with my bike (loose rivets) that stumped two other cycle shops. The mechanic got the bolts out and tightened the rivets in less than 1o minutes and didn't even charge me! A service that one of the other shops stated would cost around $100. I'm sold on this shop and look forward to getting Playskool's bike and my future bike from them.

On the ride Bong also told us how coffee is supposed to increase your performance, found an interesting article here. Finally, there are some ridiculously expensive looking houses / mansions in Fort Hamilton, and I saw where the Costco is finally. Good ride, but looking forward to some high speed runs in the future.

And in other news, the week before I helped my cousin build his first / last desktop. Under most circumstances I would recommend laptops for people, but I figured my cousin Kev should learn how to snap one together before the opportunity eludes him. Think this might have been my last opportunity to build a desktop too.