The trailer that should have been...
An example of how to do things right by staying true to the mythos. Cybertron in the beginning, Decepticon symbol following the Autobot, the Ark, the crash... genius. Hey Michael Bay you freaking aware the crap you pulling with Megatron ain't gonna fly? The whole point of the Transformers was that they adapted and transformed into Earth-machines. No alien spacecraft fool. A reel of the FX breakdown is also available.

If you want to download it for your collection, grab the .mov here. Additional formats and discussion in this thread.

Update: Kinda glad I found that forum, lots of information. For example, did you know that the Autobots insignia was based on the Prowl / Bluestreak mold? And that the Decepticon insignia was based on Soundwave's mold? And another interesting unconfirmed statement, "tis true. Originally Prowl and Soundwave were going to be thier respective faction's leaders, but I guess they decided that they needed something to help sell the more expensive Prime and Megs toys. How different everything could have been..."
At 11:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jazz a Pontiac Solstice. The cars they are using are very cool, but where's the Japanese and German representation. Step up guys. Except you Toyota, you will forever suck in my book, hehe.

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