Sunnnny daaaaayyyys
Another awesome day at B&N with the usual suspects. While reading through some of the art / design magazines I came across this quote. I've been keen on quoting people for the past few entries so here goes:
I clearly understand if I am to win a design award it must first go through an African American client, to whom I will have to explain what this European design ethos is all about and how 'white space' isn't yet another plot by The Man to take our shit, but room for the eye to rest and the design to breathe. -Craig Brimm
Everytime I walk down Fulton Street or bike down it, I pass by this awesome looking eatery that's pretty popular, especially on Sunday nights. I never felt cool enough to venture in and thought it was more of a bar than a full out restaurant. It has all these solar panels outside, a funky looking truck and it's all fenced in. Perhaps it's the fencing that lent it that exclusive feel to it. While scanning through a bicyling magazine today, I saw a plug for it in an article. It's called the Habana Outpost and it's so green! Closer than my subway stop, going to have to check it out one night and hop on the bike blender.

What's that painting to the right? I thought I covered it previously but I can't seem to find the entry. During our trip to LA, we stopped by the Getty and saw the following painting by Jean-Fran├žois Millet. Nothing out of the ordinary until you got up close and read the name. Yes, I'm %*@$ immature. Sue me. I was going to go and modify it digitally and put in one of my coworkers, then thought better of it since it wouldn't be making good use of my time. Why bring it up now? Zan bought a postcard of the painting back then and finally hooked me up today. Well I kinda forgot about it anyway. Good stuff, going to mat and display the thing.

Why do I have Jon Secada songs stuck in my mind? Been like this all freaking weekend.

Update: Ah! Thanks to Cheryl's away message, I now have Selena's Dreaming of You in my mind.

Oh man I'm having major relapse in terms of my anti-gayness resolution. It's been a good eight months but now I'm having all these fruity thoughts. I haven't regressed into the grabbing yet... but soon, I feel like I'm about to succumb.

For instance, when I read Michelle's most recent entry, I thought... I have one too, it's called Terry. MUAHAHAHA.
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-_- oh boy.

can you recommend any good non-xanga bloggers? well... besides... blogger?


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