The Old Tea House @ Cornell
The information contained in this Car Spy Shots thread was more or less what Jake and I had in mind for the stillborn AutoDestination.com. Back at CMU we started on a quest to find the meaning behind the logos of all the manufacturers. I tackled Infiniti first, Nissan itself wasn't of much help but Slim hooked me up with some info even though it was disappointing. I recall Jake getting a nice letter of some sort from Cadillac. Though the site never launched, you can read the informative thread for everything you ever wanted to know about the badge in front of your car.

Went to Cornell to drop off my sister last weekend. Looks like I missed out on a good time (Elmo's birthday). It's always fun to see photos of Chewy buzzed. Cornell was great though, have I ever professed my love for Cornell on this blog? I guess I did way back when. I love the environment, the food, heck even the dorms! My sister's freshman single is TWICE as large as my RA room at CMU. The kicker? She has a room on the corner of the building, two windows and one of them looks out onto the sand volleyball court. Pretty sweet digs. Also of interest for anyone visiting Cornell or Binghamton, the best tea you'll ever get (from the Old Tea House). Well I don't like the boba so I always get Taro blizzard with milk pudding. If anyone in NYC knows where I can get that here please drop me a line. Information on the owner of the chain can be found in this article. Back then the company was great too. The bros and the aKDPhi's were all really accommodating. And that first chapter house we visited, totally badass on the corner of College Ave. Looking forward to going up there to pick up my sister, I'll get a chance to meet the younger bros.