Jordan's Breakfast Club
Impressive, as I was crawling into bed I grabbed a piece of unopened mail from the nightstand and gave it a quick look-see. Turns out it was a poster for Jordan's Breakfast Club, interesting enough for me to go visit the site to read more. It's basically a series of structured early morning workouts that Jordan and his Bulls teammates took part in durig the early 90s. Now it's being reintroduced to try to direct more eyeballs to the Jordan lineup and it's working.

Nike finally did something I'm addicted to. Never been a fan of their products since my first pair of wrestling shoes failed on me in less than a season. I've been an Adidas / Puma fan ever since (the two companies have an interesting history), however, Jordan's Breakfast Club mini-site is pretty addicting. I find it to be a more informative and structured version of my old wrestling team's Morning Warriors or Livingston baseball's Dawn Patrol (one of the assistant wrestling coaches at the time was also a coach for the baseball team). Big difference here is that you don't necessarily have to wake up at the crack of dawn to perform all the exercises listed on the site.

Without a coach or knowledgable workout partner, things can get boring fast and the worst part is when someone going through training hits a plateau. That's where this site comes in handy, it'll add some zing and change up workouts for those interested enough.

Past 3am and I'm still scouring the site for more tips. The tough part now is mustering the energy and drive to put it into effect. Looks like the 'Explosiveness' program is the most interesting of the bunch and since not all the videos have been posted yet, I'll be visiting this site religiously in the near term.
At 9:53 AM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

man, that breakfast club has too much information. i think i'm gonna start taking notes.


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