How many SASI employees does it take to transform a Binaltech?
Before we get into cars, I read a quote in the FT today related to a previous post on how SASI was like the cockroach of banking. In an article about Ask.com titled, Survivor's quest for a future, chief executive Jim Lanzone is quoted:

"We are like a cockroach - for a long time, with a sub-par product, we survived."

Guess we aren't the only ones holding that view.

On to cars. Sad, both Top Gear and Fifth Gear are done for the season. The last episode of Top Gear wasn't even that good. But the second to last episode had this golden Jeremy Clarkson line that cracked me up:

"Air conditioners in Lambos of old used to be an asthmatic sitting in the dashboard blowing at you with a straw."

Update 2: BBC went ahead and placed their episodes online. They should have used Flash like Youtube, but that's not an excuse for you to avoid watching them now. The sad twisted options available are Windows Media Player and Real Player. Bleh and bleh. But Top Gear's a resounding yeh, so... yeh > bleh + bleh.

And props to BBC for standing up for Top Gear. Wish some of the networks in America would hatch some nuts.

Last Friday, the Head of IA and I spent 30 minutes transforming WheelJack. Really, it was a total pain. Can't believe it took us so long, but after reading the forums, sounds like it's the toughest Binaltech mold to transform so I feel slightly better about myself. Afterwards I left it on my desk and some of the interns had a go at it, but none of them were completely successful in transforming it from one mode to the other.

Today I received Tracks which I ordered after recalling that my COO is a huge Corvette nut. When he walked into the Head of IA's office, he started critiquing the mold. There was no hood scoop / power bulge, nor were there any fender flares. He did say the tread pattern on the tires were right though... anyway, I left them alone with Tracks, took them 30 minutes to transform it too.

Tomorrow? Nemesis Prime courtesy of Jeremy (my first Alternator since they don't manufacture Binaltech's anymore) arrives. Let's see who's up for the challenge. Don't know of any Dodge fanatics...

Update: CIO had a go at Tracks, transformed most of him in 4 or 5 minutes, but for the next couple of minutes he couldn't make any progress so he asked me to stop the clock. 8 minutes and counting. The two sales guys teamed up and had a go at Tracks too. Between them they spent about 20 minutes, so they hold the current record. Tomorrow, my boss is going to try his hand at Nemesis Prime. Lets see where that Harvard education gets him in the transforming business.

If you care, the entire first episode of Transformers Gen 1 is hosted on YouTube. Under full TCTM.

In other news, the next Batman movie will bomb. As all fanatics know, the success of Batman, much like Spider-Man is in the character's rouges gallery. Of all people to play the Joker in the next Batman movie, they casted Heath Ledger. Really, who are you trying to kid? Heath filling Jack's shoes? They are on crack. What about Johnny Depp!?