The heyday of my KPop days: Park Ki Young

Came across this AWESOME list of KPop music (over 900 complete albums). I started by downloading a few random ones and then tried honing onto the ones I used to listen to back in high school. Aside from E.O.S. there was another artist I was infatuated with because I couldn't get any of her music.

Back when I was downloading every music video I could find, I stumbled upon Park Ki Young's She Chak. While the song wasn't interesting to me at first, the video itself was eye catching. The video features a wall of fluttering photographs behind her. It wasn't stale either. Using some cool lighting and a fan, that wall was pretty dynamic and hypnotizing, something I want to replicate (but probably won't because I'm too lazy to spend the time to execute it well).

So when I found the list of albums above, I immediately scrolled down to the Park * * section. I always get all the Park names confused. But on my third try I found the song and ended up listening to it for the latter half of the day at work. It's the 2nd song on her 2nd album. Even though she has five albums out, I don't think many people know about her so I'm gonna hook her up with some free PR with my blog (it casts a wide net you know).

Tonight I went through the trouble of connecting my desktop and booting it up so I could upload her music video to YouTube. Check it out! I'm going to apologize for her director in advance, that lame ass 3D flower has GOT TO GO. If anyone is interested in other Korean music videos I'll take a look at my collection and upload it for you. Takers? Too bad I don't have any of Turbo's first album. I have some live performances on tape but thats it.

At 5:39 PM, Blogger junetic said...

dude that list is off the hizzay...im downloading loveholic, rollercoaster and nell...


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