Can you feel it? Let it snow! Let it snow!
My TCTM took a brief stop by the elder PCTM before moving towards SCTM today. As you all know I've been thinking about Transformers for a while, but Susan sent me this earlier today to discredit a previous entry on how Shu Qi looks like Jolie. She wanted to prove that Shu Qi looks nothing like Jolie, and that if there was an Asian Jolie look alike, this lady would be it. Well I am SOLD! After showing it to Terry, his high standards relegated her to 'sporadic babe' status (if you haven't heard this term used before, Ryan Hill and I coined it back at CMU to describe our desk manager).

Anyway, onwards to more important things. We are approaching mid-August so snowboarding season is right around the corner! The founders of M3 has righted the ship with their new company, M4. They moved manufacturing from Asia to Elan (check the link for some manufacturing videos I posted up two seasons ago) in Europe. And I'm wondering whether or not to stick by them, there's no doubt regarding their quality given the number of appearances their products make on the Good Wood list this year. Here's the strange thing, everytime an Elan board makes the list, an M4 board makes it as well (though in a different size). I'm waiting for the M4 website to go up, I want to check out the weight and related specs of the various boards and see how similar they are to their Elan counterparts. But for now, it's either the M4 Discord, or the Ride DH. Need new bindings (Technine MFM Pros or one of the Burton models Mission or above) and boots (DC Shoes) too since I'm giving my entire setup to my cousin Kev. Would have kept the boots since I don't want to go through the ordeal of breaking in new ones, but Kev blew his cash on that new comp of his and I wasn't feeling the low profile shoes though the cap straps helped during last season.

Went to SoHo today to try to get the LG Chocolate phone for my sister, yet again, no discounts to be had so I'm going to stick by my Amazon.com order. I went to the Burton store afterwards to check out all the new gear. Across their range and other manufacturers' I think the graphics this year has taken a nosedive compared to two years ago. Ugly, ugly, ugly! And the Burton Vapor doesn't feel as light as it used to. Where's the tech? Where's the innovation? Only thing I've read about this year has been the coated slimewalls and brass edges, it's been a dead year for lighter tech.

Who's up for a Killington trip on the weekend of December 15th? Let me know ASAP!
At 12:41 AM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

what is this "sporadic babe" you speak of?

At 2:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the UK version of the Chocolate is 10x sexier in my opinion: here

p.s. my RSS feed is finally up!


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