...sucked. But it probably wasn't as bad as Playskool's day so I'll leave the tale for later. In the meantime, things of interest:

Ikea 2007 catalog is out, some of you were lucky enough to snag an analog copy, for now I'll have to live with the digital version.

Why I love Koreans: The skillful juxtaposition of new and old, I couldn't stop watching it today and forced it into everyone's face that walked by my cubicle. Great production. (credit: Duan, check out his Xanga for videos of really good Singaporean beat boxers, part of some group called illers).
Update: Two more takes on Canon. JerryC and funtwo

Got home a little after seven, rode to Coney Island with Zan. Haven't been back here since I was a kid. Nathan's hot dogs are overpriced and overrated. The boardwalk's pretty nice, the Ocean Parkway route we took could use a lot of improvements. Don't think I'll be making the trip again anytime soon.

And now, today's dealings with some government employees. Waited on line for an hour and a half at the DMV only to be turned away because my social security card had been signed by my mother for me. It even states on the back of the card that it's valid since it's obvious a newborn baby will not have the ability to sign it. Tried arguing my case and all they could say was... are you not able to sign your own signature currently? Which was a pretty terrible reason for denying the SS card since it has no expiration. Idiots... if you thought Jersey DMVs were bad, you haven't seen the caliber of people working in the NYC ones. So now I have to get a new SS card before I get a license. Not a great way to start off the day.