Misdirected mail
With the density in Brooklyn much greater than that of the suburbs the USPS is bound to have more problems delivering mail to the intended recipients. Given the amount of mail that is misdirected to our residence, I wonder how much of our mail has gone missing.

A few weeks back we received a letter directed to Fitzroy I. Roach. Same exact apartment except he happens to live in the building across the street. With a name like Fitzroy I. Roach we thought someone was pulling our leg, a few days later we received two letters directed at Shirley E. Roach, I guess this would be Fitzroy's wife. I wonder if they have a son named Cock, if I were them, I'd either change my last name or name my son Cock A. Roach. Oh I know you guys all saw that one coming from a mile away. And yes I know the correct spelling is Cockroach, but then he would be missing a middle initial like his parents.

Dirty buggers, I hate them, so I will spare you all a graphic image.
At 4:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wouldnt be surprised if the Roaches at our place actually has names.


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