Mal sent me this video of At Last earlier in the day and it kick started a mini a capella infatuation for the day. Reminds me of Solid, Kai and Tension. With a name like At Last, it took a while for me to turn anything up on Google, but I finally got to their site and ordered their album. Have to support right? Their MySpace site came up first, check out their exhibition with Boyz II Men.

So it's 2am right now, didn't take tomorrow off and I'm still scouring YouTube for music. Couldn't dig up anything for Solid, but I did find this video of Fly to the Sky singing one of their songs. Nothing turned up for Kai either, but of the three groups, Tension being the worst one, plenty of videos showed up for them. Ugh, you think Korean music videos are over the top? Check out the Taiwanese ones, over the top and poorly done. Not a good mixture. Our Story by Tension, this one isn't as bad as their other videos, I mean it sucks, but it doesn't make you wince as much. Their a capella version isn't too bad.

Lastly, two Korean rappers, Ricky and Peter aka Lyricks and Manifest, rap about their faith (saw this a while back on Sam's Xanga). And that about wraps it up for this entry. I'll let you all know whether or not that At Last CD was worth the money.

Anyone having a BBQ for the 4th? This is so sad, no one is having a BBQ!
At 10:27 AM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

if you can get your ass to long island you're welcome to bbq with my and my h.s. goons.


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