Haven't had one of these in a while eh?
Red Bull Soap Box Race, Carnegie Mellon would totally kick ass in this competition. We've been perfecting the buggy for over 80 years. Prizes are so-so. But for once I'd like to see CMU win at something unlike that poor showing at the DARPA Grand Challenge. For the uniniated/non-CMU people, here is a decent example of what CMU Sweepstakes / Buggy is all about!

Two definite prints for the condo so far, Blown-away guy by Maxell and the Ford GT's 1, 2, 3 finish in the 1966 Le Mans.

Interesting football reads for those that need to kill time at work. Summer reading: The greatest game-changers and Picking all-time numbers team wasn't easy.

Forget PowerPoint, forget Keynote. Check out S5! A Simple Standards-Based Slide Show System. So nimble it hurts.

Wrote a paper about Zheng He back at CMU, he somehow got brought up today at work so I dug up this very very very interesting NY Times article on how some East Africans may have some Asian ancestry.

Was looking to replace the locks at our place since the knob is coming loose (and it's just plain ugly), but damn those Arrow mortise locks are expensive. For that kind of money I could purchase a thumb scanner lock. Looks like the old lock is staying in place (if we can fix it), maybe we'll just replace the deadbolt. I wish I could put in a retina scanner, thumb scanner and / or USB key. But we need to carry keys for the gate and building door anyway. Foiled again.

Looks like a packed weekend. Loreley, Depp, rugby, Xiao Long Bao, riding, dim sum, Prada? And I promised to take some work home this weekend to have ready by Monday... and the Apple thing. Shiznats.