Extraordinary Decepticons!
Received an email this afternoon from the CMU NY Area Alumni dlist. In the subject line was "Extraordinary Deceptions!" I was so excited for all of three seconds until I opened the email and realized that it was Deceptions, not Decepticons in the subject line. Damn, what a tease.

Chewy, I think you'd be interested in this:
CMU alumni are invited to attend the only two performances of Extraordinary Deceptions starring Alumni Michael Gutenplan. On July 28th and 29th be prepared to be amazed! Extraordinary Deceptions is an evening of sophisticated and intimate magic. Using cards, coins, money and a bit of mind reading- Magician Michael Gutenplan will “blow your minds” with his original and fun magic. Oh - and in the end, one member of the audience will be sawed in half! Don't confuse this with a “hokey” and “cheesy” magic show. Extraordinary Deceptions is an elegant, sophisticated and memorable theatrical event. Come and be amazed!

Tickets may be purchased through Theatermania.com at http://www.theatermania.com/content/show.cfm/show/121847 or by calling 212-352-3101. Please call 212-933-4688 for more information.
The Producers Club is located at 358 w. 44th Street, New York City.
There is discounted parking close by and a fully stocked bar in the lobby.
At 10:45 PM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

seriously, i think you're the only one that saw "decepticons". haha


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