When you are furious on the can

This gives Too Fast, Too Furious a whole other meaning, especially after Indian food. Major work was done this weekend by the contractors, kitchen was mocked up then taken apart again for the actual installation. The condo was clean a week ago, now it looks as if a hurrican ripped through it. Among the items recently delivered was half of the sexy black toilet for the main bathroom. But now that I came across the one above, I don't feel so special anymore. If I could afford a carbon fiber toilet, I bet it would be light as the waste traveling in it. And the down force! We wouldn't need pressure assisted toilets anymore!

Figured this would be inappropriate for the design blog so I posted it here. Damn the AOL overlords. Kidding...
At 2:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Assuming the reputation you guys have given me is not unfounded (and I assure you it is all slander), I don't think the questionable impact properties of carbon fiber could withstand my alleged nuclear drops. I would shatter the thing in one trip.


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