Good times at the office
Received the following link from the CIO today, showed some of the guys in my department and some senior guys in Trading, Bob and Rog (the podcast crew). It's a higly fictional story of things to come (most if not all of the financial giants will be nonexistant by 2015).

After watching a portion of it, Rog goes to Bob, "We'll still be around. We are like the cockroach of the industry." Haha, so true, we haven't changed much since our inception and it doesn't look like we'll ever 'lose focus' on our core offering.

Updated branding to come.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, the World Cup is in full gear. I don’t need to watch the games. Hearing Rog yell out the action from the other side of the floor is enough for me, hell it’s probably more exciting than the game itself during the majority of the time. I want to put him on a Madden box. Imagine having sports announcer types doing play by plays of the markets. Rog would definitely be a shoo-in.
At 7:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

that clip was horrifying...

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