Drunk stupid people should all be shot, zero tolerance
2:45am, a group of drunks are heard outside my window. Two distinct female voices and a male with Brit'ish accents. No big deal, loud people are a common occurrence. Couple of minutes later I hear keys rattling and attempts at unlocking our condo door, I thought perhaps Mike had gone back out. I realize the noisy conversation is not coming from outside my building but outside the hallway. Did Mike return with an entourage of drunkards? Not likely. So after the idiots started banging on the door I got out of bed, opened up the door and cursed them out. "Oh it's not your (one girl says to the other) flat." No fucking shit Sherlock. British people just went down a whole notch in my book.

Cliff notes for the entry:
1) I hate drunks, and if anyone ever blames ANYTHING on alcohol, they should get their head smashed in, IMMEDIATELY.
2) I hate stupid people.

Stupid people, in this case, drunk and stupid should all be shot. Wasting the precious oxygen in the air.

On their way home, if they ever make it (I hope they don't and freeze to death). I hope they get mugged (all you thugs out in Brooklyn, easy pickings) and walk in front of a bus. A moving bus.

It's 4am, I have to be on my bike at 7:45am. Can't sleep. Maybe Michelle's right, I'm too pissed to go to bed. I should grab a knife hop on my bike and go hunt for these fucks and make sure they don't disturb any other decent folks in the neighborhood.

Freaking eh... maybe some Mario Kart will calm me down.

"I'm sorry, I don't speak stupid and our translator called out sick today."