Angelina Jolie = Shu Qi?

Sitting here watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith with the roomies. My second time watching and the only thing keeping me glued to the couch is Angelina Jolie. Wow she's... so hot when she's being an ass. Well, she's kinda hot even when she's not. As always Vince Vaughn is entertaining. "We are on high alert here. I almost killed you right then!" Reminds me of something that recently made the front page of the WSJ. WSJ isn't free so here's free coverage of that April evening. Pressure! We are all under pressure! Not sure what I'm talking about? Catch the entire thing on Youtube. I think all ladies should carry around shotguns. Better than plastic surgery.

So how about Shu Qi up there? Ms. Kong sent over this trailer recently for a movie titled Three Times after I sent her details about the 2006 New York Asian Film Festival. Premise is interesting but the reviews marked it as being too slow. Anyway it was the first time I ever saw Shu Qi and she looks amazing, anyone think she looks like Angelie Jolie in that far right snapshot? Apparently she was in the Transporter. Never saw either one of those two movies.

Hey towards the end of the movie now, Air Supply is playing! GO GO GO Air Supppppllllliiiiiissse.
At 1:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yo, the transformers vs gi joe really does have sick artwork. oh man, I was going through some of the comics I got from you and I'm still in love w/ Jim Lee's artwork, it's just soo nice compared to everyone else's, Hush was sick, sooo pretty...


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