What a long week... and good luck.

What a tiring week, felt like a zombie all the way through. Anyway, it's funny how things seem to have come full circle. Back in 2001 (wow the good old days, check out the server stats on the left!), Zan and I stayed at CMU for most of our Thanksgiving break to finish up the video for the Interest Group packet for our fraternity.

Now five years later, here we are helping out the actives with our quest for Associate status. It was a pain in the ass printing and binding the damn thing (two whole days, and we had to settle for B&W). Zan got the video duplication done and after stuffing everything together we walked over to the USPS in Grand Central (we need more Post Offices to stay open late) damn box was heavy. At around $150, it's a far cry from the $1,300 or so we spent on our IG packet. Damn...

Props to Nyquil for putting together a pretty sweet looking packet and video, and to the entire chapter for putting together a wonderful year.