Straight through Manhattan, End to End
First off, a nice resource for the riders in NYC via the Gothamist.

Took a nice ride today up the West Side and past the George Washington Bridge to see what the northern end of Manhattan looked like. Somewhere north of the GWB, I came across this nice pavilion (is there a better word for this structure?).

After having my fill relaxing in this deserted area, I made my way further north. This beautiful stone retaining wall looks as though it's being torn down. So sad, hopefully they are only getting rid of that one section already demolished and saving the rest of it.

This was where the bike path ended. At the center of the photo is a bridge for the Amtrak trains. Next photo is looking directly north, up the Hudson River.

Everyone needs to get a bike so I don't have to ride alone.
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At 6:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think they're called a trellis structure or pergola.



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