June 11th, a very important day this year
Excusi, excusi! Where do I line up to preorder this badboy? PSP, sorry buddy you are officially going into the trash. What a waste of money eh? Nance wants it so how much should I sell it to her for? The next time I'll even consider the PSP will be when Gran Turismo finally gets released. But until then, there's already a killer library of games waiting for my hard earned dollars on the Nintendo DS.

Update: Oh, my, god I'm sweating just thinking about this Mario Game. It'sa soo niiice.

And as for that photo, I went to see Colin Powell give a speech yesterday at the Incentive Show. The keynote was great, he has a good sense of humor and was very engaging and inspirational. Some people just have that aura. After his speech, I went onto the exhibition floor to check out what crappy chotskies were popular these days. Basically walked away with nothing, BUT I did get that awesome chocolate lollipop with my face printed on it. Ya gonna finish that?
At 12:03 AM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

hotness. i'm there! they better have some sweet version of river city ransom though.

At 9:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call me the stereotypical jaded gamer. Where's the magic of days past? Nintendo has me rooting for them again, well at least when they get the DS Lite out in something other than white...


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