It's been a long time Mario... and Luigi.
Update: Overstock.com now has a 10% off coupon expiring at the end of the month! Get your very own NDS Lite for $117.49 shipped!

First off, get your very own Nintendo DS Lite for a measly $118.68 + $1.40 shipping (expires tonight). Honestly, you know you are going to buy one eventually, just pull the trigger now and save some cash.

Mucho gracias to Ms. Nancy Pham, aka LadyBoy, aka Asshole #2, aka PhamBot, aka... er, don't remember her other nick names. This past weekend has been filled with endless Mario Kart DS action (when I wasn't on my bike or eating). Everyone, bid adieu to my PSP, handed that over to Nance since it was gathering dust on my desk at work. Even with access to almost every game in the library, the damn thing couldn't hold my interest. I got it a year ago in preparation for Gran Turismo Mobile, and it's STILL NOT OUT. Sony, you are shooting yourselves in the foot. PSP is getting hammered by the DS in Japan, you guys are neck and neck in America and now you are trying to get gamers to buy a $600 PS3? Are you out of your minds? We can do without the damn Blu-Ray DVD drive, what's wrong with regular DVD's? Goodbye Gran Turismo, hello Forza.

Anyhow, Mikey picked up the DS Lite for a second yesterday and proceeded to show me how a pro plays Mario Kart. I haven't touched a Nintendo product since... Game Boy Advance? Seems so long ago. Still so much to master. After work today, as I hurried home to make use of the surprisingly nice weather that managed to peak through, I stopped by the Nintendo World store to pick up a copy of the New Super Mario Bros. game. Walking in there, all the employees just smiled at me directing me to the counter where they had a bunch of copies stacked in back of the register.

Does anyone else think the DS Lite looks like a mini iBook? RIP Sony. Literally, the PlayStation was the only division in the black. I don't think your recent success in LCD TVs will offset it.

Welcome back into my life Mario (and you too Luigi), you guys have been missed (when you close the DS without turning the game off, Mario yells out "Bye Bye" to you, cute). I am a child. Let's keep it that way.
At 11:16 PM, Blogger [illegal] architect said...

advanced wars!!! thanks for the heads up on the overstock discount.

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At 4:25 PM, Blogger itsjane said...

dude, you totally made me want one now. i want to play super mario

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At 11:47 PM, Anonymous John the coupon save helper said...

I have been playing the mario game before when I was a kid. I really appreciate those kids who had the patience in playing the game. Thanks.


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