How is the Buddha statue and the Loch Ness Monster connected?
Had this weird dream last weekend, an amalgamation of the Tian Tan Buddha statue on Lantau Island and the Loch Ness Monster.

I know how the Buddha statue entered my dreams, just a few days before I had my initial extended viewing of HD content on Playskool's gigantor of a TV. I was watching this Extreme Engineering episode about the construction of cable cars in Hong Kong on the Discovery HD channel. Really fascinating stuff.

I can't figure out where the Loch Ness Monster portion of the dream came from. It may have been something featued on BoingBoing. Who knows?

Anyway, the dream involved me on a trip, Indiana Jones style to the Tian Tan Buddha statue. After climbing many steps to reach the statue, I looked around and noticed something peculiar. The statue didn't occupy the center of the plateau. Instead it was off to one side, the other half of the plateau looked as if it had torn apart or crumbled over time.

As I trekked down from the hill/mountain top, the weather began to go south. The winds picked up, the water surrounding the island was getting rocky. The skies darkened and it looked as if a storm had entered the region. It got cold, dark and rain came pouring down. Peering into the horizon, I noticed what looked to be the Loch Ness Monster's body exit and enter the water like a giant fin.

Slowly, I realized that it wasn't a living creature but metal fins arranged in a circular pattern (please not I took some artistic license with this dream, the real Buddha statue does not have the metal bandsaw like blades jutting out from its base). It then made sense to me, in the distant past, up on top of that hill / mountain was not one, but two identical statues placed side by side. Over the years half the platueau began to crumble and sent one of the statues in the sea. It's located far in the depths of the ocean, but during bad weather, when the sea stirs, the statue is sent rolling around the region. What I saw was the statue on it's side, spinning in the water.

There is no Loch Ness Monster (not in Asia anyway). Cool huh? Or not.