Film filled weekend
It was supposed to be a full fledged Tribeca Film Festival weekend but on Friday, The Bridge didn't work out (summary sounds morbid, wasn't my idea but acquaintances stated it was well reviewed). Door Sales really means "standby," wish they made that clearer to us before Steph, Joy and I spent an hour waiting on line for no reason. Nevertheless, we got in a good meal in the Upper West Side. Not everyday I romp through that classy neighborhood.

Saturday morning, I woke up earlier than usual to catch Sketches of Frank Gehry. I had an extra ticket which was scalped to the first person I asked on the Door Sales line. I got to sit in those posh leather chairs that you usually have to pay extra for, right in the center of the theatre. I'll have more details on the documentary over in the design blog.

Sunday was a full day of films with dim sum breaking up the schedule. It was my excuse for not going on the Five Boro Bike Tour which Carrie and Hode took part in. The day started earlier than Saturday, met up with Chewy at 9:30 at the Lincoln Square theater. We were originally supposed to watch Animated New York, but Chewy wanted to watch the Elephant King which turned out to be a fine choice. Afterwards we skipped the Q&A with the director and rushed back down to Chinatown for dim sum. Chewy decided to go get a hair cut, so the WNBC Daily Vesey ticket which roommate Mike's friend, Lily, graciously gave me two of was handed over to Tomo.

When we got back to Lincoln Square, we were expecting a behind the scenes documentary on the making of Over the Hedge (4 years in production). Instead we saw the actual movie (heavily recommended, especially if you enjoy the comic strip). Hammy, is the coolest squirrel ever. On hand was the co-director and a production designer. The kids were repeating the questions during the Q&A so Tomo and I decided to grab some Gray's Papaya before he departed and I made my way down to Union Square to catch the last movie, the Sci-Fi Boys, most of it was a snoozer.

Today was also the 27th Annual Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival. Held at Union Square Park from noon to 6pm. I walked by on my way to the last movie, the Sci-Fi Boys. [credit: Chewy]

This black guy speaks/sings better Cantonese than I do. Can't really tell in the beginning, but it sounds pretty good for the rest of the song.
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