Squawk Box Fantasy Portfolio
I thought I was such a badass for having a 10% gain in the first day. Yeah, I should make it into the top 50. How wrong I was. I'm up about 16% in the past two days in the Squawk Box Fantasy Portfolio (winner gets a Maserati) and I'm no where close to the top 50. Top 5% is okay and all, but only the top 25 get anything out of this. Hell the top guy on there almost doubled my earnings.

Anyway, I basically dropped the entire million on Apple, gunning for some news of the 'true' video iPod to cause a spike in the price these upcoming 8 weeks. I had about $50 left which went into some shares of Powerwave (no big gains there, but at least it did go up). I was pleasantly surprised when Apple went up almost 6 points the next day based on the Boot Camp news. The momentum continued today based on Apple's decision to start an asset management firm over in Nevada (to avoid taxes) which is somewhat old news. Anyway, the thing isn't moving right now in after market trading so I better find something more active to throw everything into before the close tomorrow afternoon.

And for those who don't know about Boot Camp or Parallels, it allows you to run an x86 based OS on a Mactel machine. How is this big news? Not really in the short term, but in the long term this is going to really help out Apple. Targeted at people like me who either have too much invested in a Windows platform or refuses to switch for other reasons, this allows Apple to offer a... tool to ease them into Apple's offering. Might not be worth anything in the business world, but it'll definitely raise Apple's share of the design/home/consumer pie. Maybe a MacBook Pro isn't too far off in the distance...

I have no idea what is going on in the pharma/healthcare/biotech industry. Vinn, help me out here. I think I might just dump everything into LG Philips since they will be announcing their results on Tuesday and I have a 'good feeling' about their numbers and earnings forecast. Sobering reality is that I have no money invested in this. Saves me from griping when it goes the other way. Too damn poor right now with the condo draining my funds.

That Maserati seems so out of reach right now... I need to find a way to time travel.

Update: Damnit, Squawk Box site got hammered, Cathy what are you doing over there, crack a whip or something! Couldn't trade out of Apple, so I'm stuck with it for the weekend. Bank of America downgraded it, but it didn't do too much damage. I'll sell out of it on Monday, so hopefully at the close on Monday it'll be back up. There's much more room for improvement, but it's not moving much right now. Plan is to go into LG Philips for one day, then right back to Apple (I better not miss the video iPod announcement while I'm holding LPL).

Update 2: Don't know what to invest in. I was going to bank on LG Philips, GE and Alcoa thinking all of them would announce decent results. Whether or not they did, all three dropped. I kept missing the 4pm deadline so I've kept my money on Apple and Powerwave ever since I entered. Here's the weird thing, the value of my portfolio has dropped $60,000 in the past week, so now I'm only up 10% and somehow I'm in the Top 1% now? People in the lead are up around 40%! Crud, looks like I need to move out of my position in Apple, the video iPod is going to be delayed until the 4th quarter due to problems with manufacturing the display.