Spiiiider-Maaaan... Spiiiiderr-Mannn
%*@$) it had to be a freaking bro. Damnit, thanks Duan for breaking in the other side of my bed you SOB. Couldn't have been some lady... figures. And I concur, the Chinese should take a cue from KPop and really learn how to dance. As Coach Gerdy always stated, "take a shit or get off the pot."

Now for more pressing matters. Captain America, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four or Wolverine? Then there's also this long sleeve Spidey, like the design more than the short sleeve, but long sleeves will kill me in the summer.

This all started a few days ago when I jokingly stated that it would be hot getting a black jersey with the Venom costume. I got oh so very close with this shirt, but the symbol doesn't even go all the way to the edges or reach around the back, nor is it a jersey. But that initial Google search led me to the jerseys above so I guess it's not too bad settling for one of those. There are some hot Wolverine crew shirts that I wish were made into jerseys. Not feeling the blue shoulders on the existing one.

So... Captain America might be a bit too patriotic, and Spider-Man, well both these two have color schemes that would go well with the white bike (has very few red metallic accents in the handlebar area). The Fantastic Four wouldn't be too bad either, and I could always play up the four as my line number. But I'm not feeling the cyan blue. As for the Wolverine, that could double as my Halloween costume later this year, but as a bike jersey, I'm not sure that yellow's going to work. So what'll it be?

Any DC characters available? I wouldn't mind a Batman jersey, I'll get Playskool the Robin one muahahaha.
At 11:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say either long sleeve spiderman or fantastic four.

You should also get the tricycle from the entry.


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