Smorgashboard of thoughts
Bob told me his kids got off from school today because of the impending snow. What a joke of a winter it's been eh? Enough for the school districts to call off school just so they don't have to let the kids out too early before summer vacation starts. I actually feel sorry for the poor bastards. In my day, a snow day meant dressing warm and digging yourself out into the snow, a wonderful world of opportunities. Now it means staying home in a drab cold day in front of the computer. Not too bad, but still, would you rather have the dull grays of a rainy day, or the bright white slate where it's not too cold, and the light is just radiating off the snow?

Snowboarding and basically the entire snow resort experience is finally catching on in China. Wish my father was interested in doing something like this over the hot springs stuff. I wouldn't mind managing a ski resort. I'll be a hands on kind of manager you know what I mean? First on the mountain everyday!

In other SASI news, Todd came out to get something from the fax machine and saw that 'it be jammin' in a 'reggae'ish' accent. Had me cracking up so I dug through my collection and turned on some Bob Marley.

On my to-do list: IMAX Deep Sea 3D. I'd go tomorrow (opening day) but I'll be in a car bound for Pittsburgh. I may or may not make it (knock on wood) since Zan is driving. You can never go wrong with sea turtles (or any turtles for that matter). Watch the trailer, the Manta-Ray does a back flip =D.

I've had the same Chipotle burrito for lunch everyday of the week so far. I'm going to order it again so I can claim that I've done it for a week. Nothing else to be proud of really so something this trivial excites me. But dude... getting sick of the horsep.... Can't wait for Ojingoh Chigae though!

Hehe, Gabe mentions Jim Lee (regarding his creative director role on DC's new MMO) in the most recent Penny-Arcade strip.

My town library reopened on Tuesday! Looks awesome from what I could see while it was under construction. Kids these days, so spoiled! I can't wait to chill there and meet all the ladies. I hear Anne McCaffrey books drive the ladies wild.

Lisa sent out a PDF detailing the extensive process that architects in training must go through to finally become licensed. There was a link for the passing rates of each portion of the exam. I thought it was much lower but obviously I can be wrong. In addition, the next 'bachelor' for ABC's The Bachelor will be an architect. So if you are a practicing architect between 27-33 step right up and go to the casting call.