First four time state winner in NJ
"Grey walks alone as the one scholastic wrestler since the inception of the NJSIAA tournament in 1934 to win four state championships." Pretty insane, NJ is the only state that has never had a four time state winner until now. And it's not that NJ is a weak state when it comes to wrestling, with Pennsylvania and Ohio leading the nation, California and NJ are pretty much considered the second tier. Props to NJ.com for having videos of the final bouts this year, website still sucks though.

Back in my senior year, a wrestler from Bloomfield, Joe Chiaravallo, kicked my butt so bad in the Districts that I was mentally scarred from it. I couldn't even score a point on him and I knew he was going to hit a fireman's carry. Still couldn't stop it, that's how much of a badass he was. I read that he went to Columbia following in his teammate's footsteps, TJ Francisco. Also knew that he was a runner up in his senior year but didn't realize he had such an impressive record.