Wrap up of the week...
Though I lived near Manhattan's Chinatown for many years I am still ignorant to many aspects of life there. For instance, the one toy store (that also sold comics) on Mott Street was named Wah Kue. I never questioned what it meant believing it to be someone's name. But earlier in the week I came across this article and learned that huaqiao (the correct pingyin translation) means Chinese sojourners. I've heard the Cantonese version of the term used a lot by my father and his associates and never thought to ask what it meant. I'm all about passive learning.

I've always been respectful of Audi's design language, but never fell for any of their production cars. And that stance will remain, however their new A4 is looking good, VERY GOOD. The Audi TT is still a miss in my book even though the original had a great impact on the design community.

This one might be good for Mike, The IT Crowd, looks like a new version of the Office but poking fun at those in the IT department. The first episode wasn't too bad, I hear the other episodes get better. You can grab them all off your favorite torrent site.

Following up to the insanely funny Chronic of Narnia skit, the West Coast and Midwest retaliates with their own less than stellar skits. I do like Pottery Barn though.

The first four episodes of Avatar will be released on DVD! I already have all the episodes so it won't make sense for me to grab this unless the extras blow me away. I don't understand why they don't release all the episodes so far on this DVD... what they want to make more money from this hot property?

For the commute, I've been thinking of grabbing an iPod, most likely a Nano to fill my rides with some educational noise in the background. Purely for the looks of course, think the black will look nice next to the PSP (which I barely use). But for any of you looking to purchase the larger iPod with video capabilities make sure you read about the imminent release of the 'real' video iPod.

Welcome back winter, lets get some snow on those slopes eh?