Super Bowl XL is creeping up on us!
Walking through the Rockefeller Concourse this morning I passed by a bunch of Yinzers touring Rockefeller in Steelers paraphernalia. As I walked by them I yelled out "Go Stillers" which was immediately followed by much hooting and hollering on their end. To the visitors, thanks for putting a smile on my face on this dreary Pittsburgh-like morning.

Yes indeed citizens, Super Bowl XL (for Bettis) is creeping up on us and unlike last year, I don't see this as some spectacle, forget the halftime show, the much lauded commercials. No, this year it's really about the game. Their running game should be well rested since the start of the playoffs. Time for them to come out of hibernation.

According to EA's simulated Super Bowl XL on Madden 2006 (for the Xbox 360), the Steelers won 24-19.